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March 31 2015

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Murals have the ability to transport the viewer. They can transcend time and surround you in a period style. I currently specialise in English garden murals that immerse the viewer in warm sunlight and life. One can almost smell the fragrant, life-sized blossoms. A good mural has the power to infect the mood and overall character of any given space. It adds depth and dimension without costly architectural modifications. Murals add drama, sophistication, and grandeur to even the poorest designed space. Personally, I love painting murals because they awaken your senses. They inspire conversation and allow for escape from everyday worries. A memorable mural will always enlighten your spirit!
Curtis L. Heuser.

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Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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2nd Street Pomona, CA 1950’s 

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Augustines "Book of James"
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what’s stopping me?

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happy trans day of visibility have some cool pics of Me, a not-invisible trans


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